About Yorkshire Terriers

about yorkshire terriers

All about Yorkshire Terriers, they are small, long-haired breed of dogs in a solid and erect body frame. Their tails are of medium length, while their coat looks shiny that hangs straight and long all over face and body. The color of their coat varies from blue, tan, white, and brown.

What are Yorkshire Terriers Like?

Yorskhire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. Known for their small size, overriding personality, and versatility, this breed makes a highly-spirited, yet loving companion ideal for families and homes.

Although some can get really stubborn, Yorkshire Terriers can be very obedient if given proper training and handling. They can learn quickly and with great passion. In fact, they are among the most competitive breeds when it comes to sports and dog shows. They are independent, self-reliant, and very enthusiastic. They are often regarded as “small dogs in big personality”, which means they can be equally capable of doing great things associated with the bigger breed of dogs.

One dominant personality of Yorkshire Terrier is its assertiveness. He doesn’t mind living in a large family with many members since he can relatively assert his presence in the household – that is to get everyone’s attention towards him. He is an attention-seeker and would like to play with everyone if it means getting him being noticed.

Yorkshire Terriers can get very well with people and if taught with good social skills, to other dogs too. However, they can also get overly protective with their masters, oftentimes resulting to aggression with other people. Thus, as an owner, it is important to recognize this kind of behavior as this can get worse through time if not properly addressed.

History of Yorkshire Terriers

The breed of Yorkshire Terrier came out in the 19th century from the mixture of different Scottish Terriers namely Skye, Paisley, Clydesdale and Waterside. They were originally hunting dogs used by miners in Yorkshire, England to chase rats and other small burrowing animals away from the mining sites. Over the years, their breed just got smaller and smaller, eventually making them ideal home pets due to their size and appearance. They obtained their popularity from various dog shows.

Yorkshire Terrier Facts

The average life span of Yorkshire Terriers is around 10-12 years and can even reach up to 15 years. Their small size and structure make them susceptible to various kinds of illnesses. These include hip and joint aches, poor digestion, bone fractures, and minor to moderate teeth problems. Their fragility should be a concern to every owner. A simple neglectful handling can be dangerous to them.

Yorkies have a high level of confidence comparable to larger breed of dogs. They don’t mind getting into fights with bigger dogs if they don’t get their way. They have very little patience and are quite demanding as well. Amateur dog owners usually have hard time walking Yorkshire Terrier on leash. If given a chance, they become dominant and they can take you anywhere they want to go.

Taking care your Yorkshire Terrier entails grooming on a regular basis. These include brushing, nail clipping, bathing, hair trimming, and ear cleaning. If left uncut, his hairs and nails can grow very long. Sometimes, it would be necessary to have his coat tied or clipped so it doesn’t interfere with his vision and activities.

About Yorkshire Terriers