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Clicker Train your Yorkshire Terrier

Disciplining a dog starts with basic commands. Whatever breed of dog you have, clicker training is one of the simplest, yet most effective forms of dog training. With a simple clicker on hand, you are ready to go.

How Clicker Training Works

A clicker is a sound that is strong and sharp that can be heard 20 yards away. This sound will serve as the basis for your Yorkshire Terrier to do a specific command. It aims to direct your dog to good, desirable behaviors; after which, a reward is given.

Clicker dog training doesn’t start with the clicker itself. First, let your dog recognize what a clicker is. Then let him know that this object is a reward for any good action he executes. Before giving him a clicker, you may want to consider buying first some delicious treats, or a cheap clicker, for a start.

Always remember to use the clicker only when your dog does well your command. It is one way of telling him “Good job!” Follow it up with a treat such as a bone or a cookie. In some cases, uttering a pleasant greeting may help, just be sure to say it every time so your dog can associate it to doing good quickly.

How Clicker Dog Training is Done

To clicker train your Yorkshire Terrier, remember three simple steps him to respond. First, get his attention by asking him to do something you want. This can be anything from sitting, lying down, rolling over, or performing a trick you once taught him. Once he does, mark it with a clicker and give a treat.

It usually takes around three clicker markings before your dog recognizes what you are trying to teach him – that is, do a certain action whenever you use the clicker. The advantage of this type of training is that dogs become attentive when hearing a strong and strange sound and because they don’t normally understand verbal commands. Furthermore, you can incorporate rewards with a clicker, so that he gets reinforced well.

For the clicker training to be more effective, use it every time on a regular basis. The next time your Yorkshire Terrier does his action well, you do not anymore have to incorporate a reward; instead, give him a hug, praise, or an obvious affection.

Transitioning to a Command

To introduce a verbal command with the clicker, it is very simple. All you have to do is use the clicker and say the cue to get the attention of your dog. If he does, follow up with a reward. Repeat your command whenever you use the clicker until he associates your word, the clicker, and the reinforcement to doing an action you want him to do. Eventually, your dog will learn to respond to either your clicker or your cue every time, even if there are no treats around.

Pleasing you is what your Yorkshire Terrier always wants. Thus, if he realizes that doing an action by using a clicker pleases you, he will willingly do it always. Clicker dog training is a very effective technique in training your dog to do some basic commands or actions. A clicker makes everything else easier.

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