How To Stop a Dog From Chewing

Chewing is a natural behavior of dogs. They do it because they are eating, teething, or just bored. There’s no way you could actually stop dogs from chewing things. Instead, you can only redirect their attention to something else. If they like chewing your carpet, couches, and slippers, it’s time you address this behavior before anything gets ruined.

Why Stop Puppy Chewing

It may be natural for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy to chew things. Of course he needs to eat his meals and teeth on the bones, but never to chew on rags and other household objects. When disciplining, do not yell at him or physically hurt him since this would only trigger aggression in your dog. It will only complicate things around. Rather, present to him the things he can freely chew on, things that are alternative to rags, clothes, slippers, etc.

How To Stop A Puppy From Chewing

To aid you to stop your Yorkshire Terrier puppy from chewing frequently, here are some basic training tips you have to consider.

Behavior Adjustment – Give your puppy alternative things to chew, rather than trying to stop him not to chew at all. When you see him chewing your slippers, toss an object he’s equally excited about so he can redirect his action. After he chews on this object, be happy about it and commend him. In this way, he will associate your good reaction to chewing his favorite object instead of slippers. Do this until he doesn’t touch your slippers anymore.

Keep your puppy busy – Sometimes, your puppy chews a lot of things when he’s bored. Thus, take him for a walk or play with him to keep him busy. When you leave him at home, make sure that you provide him with toys to play so he will not get bored.

Crate training – If you are not always at home, providing your puppy a crate will reduce his chewing behavior. A crate is a home for a dog. This gives him little access around your house. In most cases, a well-trained dog stays on his crate when his master leaves.

Aversion sprays – If your Yorkshire Terrier likes to chew on certain objects such as couches, rags, and carpets, spraying these spots with bitter apple or peppers will keep him away from these objects. Eventually, he will associate these objects to bad smell and taste.

Dogs may chew almost anything around the house; but remember never to chew on your fingers or toes. This behavior is not tolerable at all times and can result into a much bigger problem later on. Thus, as soon as you notice it on your puppy, learn to discipline him or get a professional help.

Being Consistent

Consistency, just like in the family, is important in all kinds of training. If you don’t want your Yorkshire Terrier chewing your shirt or socks, then do not leave your clothes on the floor. Keep them away from him so he won’t have any chance to even take a look at them. Another thing is – do not give your puppy a toy you want to take back after some time. It will only confuse him more. As such, you, as an owner, must also abide by the rules you set for the dog. And make sure everyone else in the house does too.

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