How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

how to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting

It may look cute seeing your Yorkshire Terrier puppy play biting with you, but this behavior is something to be concerned about. Biting behavior in puppies shouldn’t be tolerated at all times; else, this can lead to more serious problems – aggression and dominance. Fortunately in most cases, puppies get away with their biting behavior almost quickly. This is because when they have siblings around, they learn that biting them will only trigger the puppies to bite back. However, this may not always the case because their mother doesn’t have all the weeks to stop her puppies from biting.

The Early Days

A newly adopted puppy must be taught good values as soon as it arrives. If the puppy hasn’t learned biting, it will never be a problem. Otherwise, stop your Yorkshire Terrier puppy from biting by setting up strict and consistent commands.

It is important to realize that hurting your pet, no matter what he did, is never helpful. This would only lead to severe anxiety and aggression later on.

To stop a biting behavior in dogs, do not be too gentle with them. In this way, you don’t let them feel you are considerate to them. Be strict, yet reasonable with your actions. Try to commend your Yorkshire Terrier whenever he does something good. Discourage him if he is not behaving well. Among the root causes of severe dog biting is being too playful with your dog. Physical games such as wrestling, tug of war, and running after each other always trigger nipping in puppies. Thus, you must keep everything in control – moderate play and more exercise.

The Training

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Enrolling your puppy in obedience class is very helpful in managing his behavior. Trainers in an obedience class often address a biting behavior by mimicking the disciplinary actions of the dog’s mother, teaching him that biting is socially unaccepted. An obedience class also teaches your puppy to socialize and how to respond ideally to other dogs. In which case, a regular exercise helps.

To quickly stop your Yorkshire Terrier from biting at the moment, give him distractions. Oftentimes, trainers suggest that giving him a bone, or any favorite object, will direct him away from biting on people. Simply tell him “no” and give a toy. Another effective technique is to react whenever your puppy bites you. Make a gentle awful noise or whine so that he will know that biting you hurts. Do this every time until he leaves you alone, realizing that he is already giving you too much pain.

As soon as you notice a frequent biting behavior in your puppy, stop it right away. By around 10 weeks old, he must already realize that biting is not good. Discipline him well so he could follow you on your commands and whenever you tell him to stop. If not, this behavior will only result to a much bigger problem later on.