How To Train a Yorkie for Obedience

how to train a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier Training for Obedience

Yorkie obedience training is ideally done for puppies. This training teaches them how to behave in certain situations as well as inculcate good values to them. However, enrolling your puppy in a class entails spending a relatively good amount. Thus, some owners couldn’t just afford this and would rather teach their puppies themselves. To determine if your Yorkshire Terrier needs an obedience class, benefits and advantages are discussed below.

The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training not only teaches your dog to behave properly, but it also teaches you, as an owner, how to handle your dog and be a leader. Unlike most people think, the relationship of the dog to his master must be mutual. That is, it is a give and take relationship. Even you, yourself, have a role to play when your dog hasn’t been doing well. If you can be a great leader, then you can be a great trainer to your pet too.

Leadership – Obedience training teaches you to assert dominance over your Yorkshire Terrier. You take control of everything in the household, including him. Thus, he must always listen to you. If you consistently functions as a leader, your dog will be much easier to handle. Alpha leadership is crucial to all kinds of dog training.

Basic Commands – An obedience class teaches dogs to follow basic commands such as stay, sit, lie down, speak, and quiet. These things are the foundations to training your dog to do more complex commands. When he learns to do these things, teaching him further tricks will not be anymore that hard.

Biting and barking – Biting and barking are two of the most common problems, yet most difficult to handle in dogs. Dog obedience training can deal with these behaviors, ensuring that your puppy doesn’t do it unnecessarily. Of the two behaviors, you should be more cautious to biting as this can be very dangerous. This should be addressed in dogs at a young age, preferably in puppies of 8-14 weeks of age.

Walking– Untrained dogs get too dominant when taken for a walk. They will pull you wherever they want to go. They often react when other dogs and vehicles pass by. If your Yorkshire Terrier shows behaviors like these, it may be necessary to take him to an obedience class.

Dog obedience training is best given when pets are still young, ideally for ill-behaving puppies under one year of age. Having them trained at young age prevents further problems to arise later on their adulthood.

House Training Yorkie, Carrying Over at Home

An obedience training is only effective when you do follow ups at home. Your dog might have learned a lot in class. However, if you do not apply the things that were taught to you in managing your dog, it is useless. Everything that is learned from the training must be carried over to your house.

For your dog to follow, always be the leader of the pack and be consistent with. Remember that dogs only follow when they are taught to follow. Thus, if you stop asserting the commands you once taught him to do, his behaviors will change too. I guess you don’t want to end up wasting your time and money for a training that isn’t useful after all.

How To Train a Yorkie