Stop Yorkie Biting

Stop Yorkie Biting

How to Stop Yorkie Biting

Some dogs are fond of biting. This usually starts when they are still puppies, nibbling on every object they keep in touch with. One reason for this is the lack of discipline. Biting dogs are even more dangerous when they grow older and bigger. Thus, as soon as you notice this kind of behavior, take the appropriate actions before it gets even worse.

How to Stop Yorkie Biting when just a Puppy

The best time to train your Yorkshire Terrier not to bite is during its first six months as a puppy. At this stage, puppies undergo behavioral formation wherein they start to acquire certain values; thus, it is at this stage that they can easily be trained without exerting too much effort.

Unlike most owners think, a puppy that does a lot of teething and nibbling on objects isn’t necessarily playing. This behavior can be associated to projecting a certain position in the household – that is, most of the time, being dominant over anyone else. When your puppy shows his teeth more frequently than the usual, it only means he is asserting control over you. Thus, as soon as you notice behavior like this, discipline him while he is still open for commands.

There few basic approaches how you can stop Yorkie biting. If he always bites on things, tap him lightly on the neck. This is supposed to signal him to stop and leave whatever the object he is nibbling. When he’s fond of teething your fingers, make a noise to distract him. In this way, your puppy will associate your noise to being hurt when bitten. Nevertheless, teething is also important for the growth of strong teeth in puppies; thus, you may want to provide them with artificial bones where they can freely nibble on. If your puppy turns out to be resistive against your actions, get an obedience class to keep you better guided.

How to Stop Dogs from Biting at One Year

When puppies are left undisciplined, they will grow aggressive over time and this includes play biting as their pastime. If your puppy is used to doing this all the time, stop playing with him right away. Do not give him attention when he tries to play with you, especially if he’s in an excited state of mind because this will only trigger aggression and dominance. Moreover, never let your puppy to move freely around the house. Set him rules and boundaries such as not allowing him to play in the couch or around a baby’s crib. For one, crate training is helpful.

How to Stop Dogs from Biting as they Age

If your Yorkshire Terrier never gets away of its biting behavior, prepare for the worst to arise. Your pet will try to manipulate you and everyone in the house. This is because he was never taught to be a follower; thus, he will always assume to be the leader of the pack. After one year of age, if your dog still often tries to attack when he gets mad, seek professional help right away before danger sets in.

Behavioral formation starts as a puppy, thus train your dogs as early as four to six months of age to prevent acquisition of ill-values. Just remember that biting should never be tolerated in the first place.

Yorkie biting