Training a Yorkie

training a yorkie

Training a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most common breeds of dogs known for their appearance and size. Unlike most owners think, the Yorkshire Terrier, despite its size, can get into troubles too. Just like other small-sized breeds, Terrier can also get too aggressive and stubborn when following commands; thus, training should be done as young (in age) as possible.

Why You Should Know How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is a lovable and loving breed of dog. It is an ideal companion as it shows great affection and loyalty towards its master. However through time, it gets dominant and manipulative especially if it lacks social skills and is given too much attention. This behaviors often results to severe aggression towards people other than its owner.

Most Yorkshire Terriers project an attitude that is comparable to that of larger breeds of dogs. If not properly trained, Terriers, though small in size, often tend to be dominant and aggressive towards just anything – strangers, passing vehicles, small animals, neighboring dogs, and children. With proper training, these problems can be alleviated.

How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier

The key to controlling your Yorkshire Terrier is to assume a leader position at home – that is, you should always be the boss. Else, your dog will take in charge of the house and do whatever he wants if he feels no one is dominant.

Being the owner entails being the leader of the pack. Set boundaries and never let your dog takes over your position. Below are some of the basic tips on how to train a Yorkshire Terrier.

Feeding – Do not spoil your dog by giving him food anytime he wants. Always set a feeding interval.

Walking – It is an exercise that must be done regularly, ideally 30 minutes to one hour daily. Going for a walk establishes mutual relationship between you and your dog. Know how to control the dog by not being too manipulative. Your dog must walk with or behind you, but never in front of you. In such case, never let him pull or direct you anywhere he wishes to go.

Setting boundaries –Never let your Yorkshire Terrier own everything around the house. Set space limitations and be strict with it. Never give in to his whining or barking.

Coming and going – Never pay attention to your dog when he gets too excited. When leaving and arriving at home, ignore him. Greet him only when he is already calm and relaxed.

Optimizing Mental Stimulation

A small dog like Yorkshire Terrier has little energy compared to other breeds of dogs. It gets tired easily. But despite this, let him get enough exercise even if your house is big enough for him to roam around. This is one way in which he could learn more social skills. Teach him few typical commands such as sit and stand up, stay and be quiet, and pick and fetch.

For your dog to be most responsive, trainers recommend to wearing out his energy first by taking him into a walk or jog. In most cases, your dog will tend to be more attentive and have little option to play along with your commands.

Training a Yorkie