Training a Yorkshire Terrier

Training a Yorkshire Terrier

Tips For Training a Yorkshire Terrier

Having your dog trained is a fulfilling task to anyone. Training a Yorkshire Terrier can be easy if you know how to start it well. First, you have to understand the needs of your dog during training. Unlike most of us think, dog aren’t smart as they seem. They simply react to your actions as what their instincts tell them. Thus, training and disciplining dogs help them to be good followers.

If you want to direct your dog to certain behaviours, it is important to know that yelling, scolding, or physically hurting him will do no good, but will only trigger him to be more aggressive.

Core Training Tips for Training a Yorkshire Terrier

When training, there are some basic training tips (for Yorkshire Terrier) to consider in order for it to be easy, effective, and fast.

Crate Training – Crate training provides a dog the convenience of a home. In the crate, you can spend good times with your dog, so he can feel safe at all times. Crate is the ideal home for dogs. It helps reduce problems associated with physical and emotional behaviours.

Leash Training – Some dogs are hard to control when on leash. These dogs are usually the spoiled ones, which never get to be disciplined well. The key to managing your Yorkshire Terrier well is to always put him on a calm state of mind. Dogs usually get excited when taking for a walk, but they shouldn’t dominate you by letting them pull you anywhere they want to go. If your dog is quite like this and always pulls on the leash, teach him to sit first before leaving the house. He will associate your pulling of the leash to sitting and stopping.

The Alpha Position – The key to controlling the behaviour of your dog is to assume a position in the house. Whatever you say or do, dogs just can’t understand you. One thing is true – they can feel what you feel. Thus, whatever energy you project, they can sense. If you let them feel you are the leader of the pack and have control over them, they will follow. As much as affection is important, disciplining dogs is a must thing to do too.

Obedience Training – Best training tips can be obtained from an obedience class. This class teaches people how to handle their pets by showing an alpha leadership position at home and projecting dominance over new puppies. This involves giving them specific, strict, and consistent commands to be followed. Thus, if you are having trouble over your dog, get an obedience class to aid you in your dog training.

The Importance of Consistency

Just like teaching your child to obey you, consistency is also crucial in training your dog. Dogs learn through repetitive actions. They don’t learn in an instant. They could only grasp your command if you teach them frequently and consistently – that is, follow-ups must be done. For instance, if you start teaching your Yorkshire Terrier to sit down before receiving his meal, you must do this every succeeding meal time.

Soon you will realize that you don’t have to teach him anymore as he does it by himself. When setting a rule, make sure everyone in the house follows it, so your dog won’t think that it only applies to him. The key is to be consistent all the time.

Training a Yorkshire Terrier