Yorkie Aggression

Yorkie AggressionYorkie Aggression

Yorkie aggression is a dangerous behavior that exists in most dogs. Dogs can attack anyone around, even other dogs and his master. Of all known causes, dominance is considered to be the key cause of this certain behavior. It lies on the fact that the owner was not disciplinary enough to establish good values in his pet. Whatever the cause may be, aggression should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent negative consequences from setting in.


The Source of Yorkie Aggression

Aggression in Yorkshire Terrier can be observed in puppies as early as 6 weeks of age. This is the stage where they learn to socialize and develop values. This may last for 14 weeks.

There are several things you have to remember when your puppy approaches this stage. First, never take him away from the litter when he’s less than 8 weeks. Don’t bombard your pet with too many commands to be followed since he is still very young and immature. Be gentle and do not inflict pain as a punishment. By the time he reaches 14 weeks, teach your dog to socialize properly with the family members so he could get acquainted with them.

Genetics is one cause of aggression behavior in dogs. That is, some breeds are just more aggressive than others, guard dogs for instance. But most of the time, this is not the case. By far, the physical environment has a lot to play in developing aggression in dogs. Poor living conditions, physical abuse, harsh commands, little exercise, and attack by another dog can all possibly lead to severe aggression.

To prevent your Yorkshire Terrier from developing this kind of behavior later on, you must first set your position in the household – that is, be the boss. Gestures such as biting, growling, chewing, and whining are indications that your dog is trying to establish dominance over you. If you tolerate this, he will soon take control of you.

Stopping and Controlling Yorkie Aggression

If after 14 months your Yorkshire Terrier has still been showing aggression, it’s time to be stricter. Incorporate reinforcement in your training. Dogs love bones and cookies. Use these to reward your dog when he’s doing great. Otherwise, do not give attention by pitying your dog even if he looks scared. Train him to follow commands, as well as control his feeding so he doesn’t get spoiled. Dominate your dog when taking him for a walk, not the other way around. Set limitations and boundaries at home. Remember that you should never treat your dog like a human, so he will not feel that he is one of you and do whatever he wants.

A dog that never learns to socialize has a great chance in developing severe aggression. Defensive-aggressive dogs usually strike people in fear. In which case, get a professional help for a proper behavior diagnosis. Then, have your dog trained to socialize. Aggression behavior in dogs is dangerous and sometimes, life-threatening. Thus, be a responsible owner by having your Yorkshire Terrier trained and disciplined at all times.

Yorkie Aggression