Yorkie Barking

Yorkie Barking

How to stop your Yorkie Barking

Barking is a mere pastime for dogs. They get used to it and they are born for it. It gives them the need for expression. In fact, all dogs bark except for one single breed of dog known as the Basenji. If you find your Yorkshire Terrier barking often than the usual, there are many ways on how you can reduce or stop his barking behavior. But first you have to know why dogs bark and which barking behaviors you need to control.

The Reasons for Barking

Dogs bark for many reasons. They bark when they are angry or too excited. They bark when they are anxious or scared. And they bark when someone tries to go through his territory. In addition to these, dogs bark when insisting for territorial control, hearing unnecessary noises or alarms, greeting or seeking for attention, showing anger or aggression, and feeling ill or in great pain.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can stop dogs from barking. It is what makes them dogs. However, barking can be reduced and controlled, specifically barking associated with impulsive behaviors and aggression.

How to Stop Yorkshire Terrier Barking

Nine out of ten forms of dog barking are excessive and must be regulated. Before you try to stop Yorkshire Terrier barking, determine first if it’s really necessary to shun him from doing so. Questions like “When does my dog bark?”, “To whom/what object is he barking at?”, and “What triggers the dog to bark?” will guide you better in controlling the barking behavior of your dog.

When your dog barks because he wants to rule over his territory or was distracted by some noises, never hurt or yell at him to stop. This will only worsen his behavior that often leads to aggression and biting. Whatever you say, your dog just doesn’t understand. Instead, be the leader of the pack and project energy for this.

Being dominant over something or a place is an attitude that should never be tolerated. As the owner, you have to be on top of everything – that is to take control of the household. You have to let the dog feel that you are the most superior among everyone else and that he should follow you. To prevent your Yorkshire Terrier from barking at passing strangers and vehicles, give him no visual access to the windows and doors. In this way, he won’t feel in danger when someone unfamiliar tries to come over at the yard or near the house.

How to Stop Dogs with Anxiety from Barking

Anxiety in dogs can be emotionally stressing. This is because they usually get anxious and scared when no one is around. One sign of this is that some dogs bark too hard to catch attention. Anxiety is often a result of too much attachment of the dog to its master. Thus, one way to alleviate this behavior is not to give too much attention to your dog when you leave your home and return. In this way, he will not anymore associate your return to greeting him right away. Learn to teach your dog to be independent as well.

To reduce the barking behavior of your Yorkshire Terrier, teach him how to speak when he needs to and to stay calm when he’s overreacting. With this, you’ll be able to control the actions of your dog, as well as stop his barking when it’s unreasonable.

Although controlling this kind of behavior may not be that easy, dogs can change through time given a proper training and discipline. At least when it’s successfully done, you can have a peace of mind not worrying about disturbing your neighbors with those awful dog noises at night.

Yorkie Barking