Yorkie Temperament

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

Yorkie Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier came out as a breed in the 19th century from the combination of different Terrier breeds. These include the Skye, Dandie Dinmont, Maltese, and Manchester, as well as from the extinct breeds of Clydesdale and Leeds.

Yorkshire Terrier is not as small as the dog we have today. It was relatively a larger dog but was bred through time to become smaller. Its size today was accounted to the fact that Yorkies were originally used as hunting dogs to chase rats and small animals away from mills and mines located in Yorkshire, England. Without a doubt, this was the reason why Yorkshire Terriers have such temperament. They behave similarly to larger breeds of dogs. They are assertive and they always want to go their way. They are may be regarded as “toy dogs” now, but they never really realize their small size.

Dominant Personality

Despite its size, one very dominant trait of Yorkshire Terrier temperament is its ability to assert its presence that eventually results into dominance. If not well-taught with social skills, this dog can get into fights with larger dogs even though there’s no obvious chance for victory. It can get too aggressive towards strangers and other animals. This is also the reason why Yorkies are often kept at home on leash and rarely brought to parks and public places. They can always pick up fights on their way and can get them killed if they are of no-match.

The personality of a Yorkshire Terrier makes it an ideal home pet for a single owner. This breed tends to be possessive of his master and gets grumpy when somebody tries to get his attention. Yorkshire Terriers are definitely attention-seekers. They always want to get noticed. If you ignore them, they sometimes get disheartened. Thus, a breed like this entails consistent discipline and regular exercise to alleviate their bad temperament.

Yorkshire Terriers are famously known for their stubbornness. This behavior is somewhat inherited and their history has something to do with it. When they are “not in the mood”, they often refuse to follow or even just listen. Improper housebreaking may have also contributed to this.

Sometimes, Yorkshire Terriers also get too dominant and aggressive. Excessive barking is always a major concern to owners and their noise is often quite disturbing. As needed, proper discipline and training can reduce this bad behavior.

A Brilliant Breed

Nevertheless, there’s always a good side to the Yorkshire Terrier temperament. If given proper discipline, they can get very obedient to following commands. They are brilliant dogs who have so much passion in learning. In fact, they are one of the smartest breeds of dogs around. Despite their size, they are highly active and energetic. In most cases, they perform exemplary in dog shows and sports given a good training. As dog professionals suggest, keeping them active can prevent them from being too attached to their masters.

Yorkshire Terrier temperament can bring about both good and bad behaviors. These qualities should be carefully considered when you are trying to fill your household with a pet. Think over what you really need.

Yorkie Temperament