Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

Just like any other animals, dogs are prone to illnesses. These can bring about emotional and physical stress to dogs due to the great pain they are suffering. Oftentimes, these can be very severe if not treated immediately. To save your dogs from being ill, better avoid them first by keeping yourself guided of some important preventive measures.

Potential Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

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Dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier suffer from health problems silently. Indeed, there’s no way you can tell that something is going wrong within them not unless you see them acting differently than the usual or see bloods, wounds, and cuts in their skin. Thus, it is important to be familiar with the early symptoms of certain diseases so you can act immediately before it gets even worse.

Infections – Skin, ears, teeth, and eyes are among the most susceptible places for infections to attack in dogs. Ear infections are the most common and often caused by some bacterial build up. Regularly check your dog’s ears for inconsistencies. These include red spots, inflammation, excess moisture, or accumulated dirt. Infections are the least severe of all known health problems associated with Yorkshire Terrier; thus, it is important to groom your dog on a regular basis. Always check on their skin, ears, teeth, and eyes. Bathe them as deemed necessary to prevent harmful elements from posing further health threat.

Allergies – Of all known forms of allergies, flea allergy is the most common. Its symptoms include red spots, skin inflammation, and a relatively large number of fleas scattered usually on the back, neck, and face. Although an over-the-counter flea medication can ease these symptoms, having your dog examined by a vet is much helpful. Unfortunately, skin problems may lead into further infection, possibly a food allergy. In this case, consult with a vet for an official diagnosis.

Diabetes – Thinking your Yorkshire Terrier cannot get diabetes? Think again. Humans and dogs have a lot in common – diabetes for instance. Too much consumption of fatty, carbohydrate-rich, and sugary foods greatly results in pancreatic malfunction in dogs that leads into diabetes. Be sure to let your dog eat a well-balanced meal without those excess food culprits. As soon as you notice symptoms of this disease, have your dog examined. If diagnosed, several shots may be needed for its treatment.

Arthritis and Dysplasia – Joint problems are common for some breed of dogs. Dogs of pure breeds have longer and narrower joints, making them most susceptible to arthritis and dysplasia. To counter these, dietary supplements rich in vitamins and minerals are widely available. Keep your Yorkshire Terrier, or whatever breed there is, healthy and active by giving him nutritious and enriched dog foods as well. Consult your vet regarding the frequency and dosage of these supplements.

Obesity – Obesity poses a great health threat to dogs. It is one of the most common causes of mortalities in dogs directly associated with excessive food intake and lack of exercise. Occurrence of this disease carries a domino effect in dogs, eventually resulting into the death. Obese dogs are most susceptible to tumors, inflammations, heart, liver, and skin diseases. These problems can be very dangerous if not treated immediately.

Exercising your dog is as important as showing affection to him. Like humans, eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough exercise and grooming are the key elements to achieving a stronger immune system in dogs. Even then, a regular check up to a vet is crucial in preventing any potential disease coming its way. Thus, the earlier you address the symptoms, the faster your Yorkshire Terrier gets rid of them and recovers.

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